Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids

Lyric is the worlds first and only 100% invisible, 24/7 wear, shower proof, sweat proof, 24/7 wearable hearing device. There are no batteries to change and no daily insertion or removal.

Lyric invisible hearing aid


  • 100% invisible – no-one will ever know you are wearing a hearing aid
  • Effortless hearing – aids worn 24/7, months at a time, no battery change and no maintenance
  • Natural sound quality -naturally directs sound into the ear without multiple setting and complicated programs

How does it work?

The lyric device is placed in the ear canal by a Lyric trained hearing professional without the need for anesthetic or surgery. Once the device is placed in the ear canal, it is 100% invisible. It can be used for months at a time with no batteries to replace or maintenance required. You are guaranteed the most advanced Lyric technology at each of your follow up visits to have a new device fitted.

The Lyric works with your ears anatomy to deliver exceptional sound quality and uses your outer ear to naturally direct sound into your ear canal. The sound is amplified close to the eardrum, this improves directionality and localization and reduces feedback. It also reduces background noise and helps improve ability to hear high frequency sounds. The device is programmed for your specific hearing needs. The settings and volume are able to be adjusted as needed as well as turned on and off.


What to expect

For your initial visit the audiologist will:

  • Conduct a hearing test to assess your hearing loss
  • Check ear shape and health
  • Evaluate your lifestyle hearing needs

If it is determined that this device could work for you, your lyric trained hearing professional will size your ear and fit a lyric device.

Lyric invisible hearing aid

Lyric Technology Features

  • Biocompatible soft foam seals engineered to contour to the ear canal and is safe to wear 24/7, for the lifetime of the battery.
  • Mechanical and coating technology developed to protect the device from moisture and earwax
  • A battery designed to last up to 120 days eliminating the need to buy and change the batteries
  • A programmable sound processing system designed to work millimeters from the eardrum, allowing for microphone and receiver placement in the ear canal.

These devices are great, you just forget they are there!



This device is wonderful, you don’t even realise they are in your ears. It’s lovely to hear birdsong again!