TV & Music Devices

There are a range of accessories that can be connected to your wireless hearing aids which allows you to listen to the TV or music system through your devices. The following are a few of the options available:

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Phonak TV Connector – Excellent stereo sound quality, streamed directly in the hearing aids..  Simultaneous streaming to an unlimited amount of hearing aids with one device.


Starkey Surflink Mobile 2 – Handsfree mobile phone transmitter,  assistive listening device, media streamer and remote control all rolled in one.


GN Resound TV Streamer 2 – compatible with Resound smart aids.   Can be used for your stereo and PC as well. Turns your aids into wireless headphones with a 7m range.


Unitron TV Connector – Automatically switches Moxi All devices to the TV program and frees wearers from using a streamer. High quality stereo sounds streams wirelessly through the hearing aid. This devices also works with tablets, laptops and stereos.

Oticon Streamer Pro – Your hearing aids and Streamer Pro work as an integrated system that can transfer sound wirelessly to your hearing aids from TV, phone, computer and many other devices.