Having trouble hearing?

Help starts with a hearing test.

At E.A.R.S we work with you to make the best choice for your hearing future by offering a personalised hearing solution.

On average, it takes people seven years from the time they think they might have a hearing loss to the time they seek treatment.


Don't leave it too late!

Any of these situations familiar?

Difficulty in following conversations in a crowded or noisy environment?

Need to turn up the volume on the TV or radio such that it’s too loud for others?

Difficulty in understanding high pitched sounds such as “s” or “th”?

Asking others to slow down when speaking, speak louder or repeat themselves?

If “yes” to some of the above, you may have a hearing loss.  Call us today and book an appointment.

What our clients say

At my first provider, I always saw someone different.  Other places just tried to sell me their own brands devices and it always seemed like just a job to them.  I always get 200% from Michael and Nicola.  Very happy with the service I received.  I tell all the people in my village to come to E.A.R.S”     B Christianson


“I’ve been to a lot of other hearing clinics over the years.  I’ve found E.A.R.S is more professional than others.  Michael is very thorough and the aftercare service is excellent.”    J Laundy

Are you a eligible for free services?

We provide free and subsidised services to eligible pensioners and veterans through the Hearing Services Government Program.

Call us today and check if your eligible.

Sound is measured in two ways – volume or level (decibels) and pitch or frequency (hertz). The results are then recorded by the audiologist on a graph called an audiogram.

The audiogram is a graphic representation of audiometric data and shows your hearing ability compared to a normal hearing range. Vertical lines on the audiogram show pitch and frequency, the horizontal lines show loudness and intensity.

The zero decibel shown at the top presents a barely audible sound, each line below presents a louder sound. Each test frequency is marked on the softest sound you have responded too.

Levels of hearing loss

Mild – Difficulty in following speech usually in noisy situations.

Moderate – Difficulty in following speech and other quiet sounds, especially in noise situations

Severe – Unable to hear speech even in quiet surroundings.

Profound – almost all sounds are inaudible

The audiologist will discuss the results with you and advise if a solution if required.